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What is a tank

A tank is a container for your content. Each individual piece of content is called a tiddler. Each tank has a name, an optional description and a policy which controls who can read or manipulate the tiddlers in the tank.

Tanks are used to organize your content into topical or access domains. For example you might have a private tank where you keep your unpublished notes, another for your todo items, and another for blog postings.

Anything can go in a tank. When you first create a new tank you will view its index page. From there not only can you create new pages, in markdown, you can also drag and drop binary files into the tank.

Using comps it is possible to create other types of content in your tanks, including TiddlyWiki style tiddlers.

Creating a new Tank

By default every user can have a maximum of five tanks. Subscribers may have more.

When creating a new tank it can be given one of three predefined policies for controlling access. It is also possible to have a custom policy by using the Policy Manager.

Only the owner of the tank can read, create, edit or delete tiddlers in the tank. This is best for private notes.
Anyone can read tiddlers in the tank, but only the owner can create, edit or delete. This is best for things you want to share with others but don't want them to edit.
Anyone can read, create, edit or delete tiddlers in the tank. This is akin to an old-school public wiki.