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version: 1.0.1

At the time of writing (Feburary 2014), the Tank service is in a period of open beta testing. The scope and terms of service are subject to change during this period.

Scope of Service

Tank is owned and operated by Peermore Limited.

Tank is a shared platform for managing and sharing content in a collection of wiki-like containers called tanks. Tanks may have one of three pre-defined access control policies or may be configured with a custom policy.

Tank is designed for use with modern web browsers and modern HTTP libraries. If the site does not work on a well known browser, please report the problem as an issue. If fixing the problem does not contravene features for the majority of users reasonable effort will be made to fix it.

Rights and Constraints

Content which you author remains yours.

Content which you mark as private or restricted access will not be shared with other parties. Peermore can not be held responsible for third-party use of content which is shared publicly.

You may export your data at any time using either the API or forthcoming tools.

You may request to have your account closed at any time. When you do, data contained in tanks for which you are the owner will be destroyed, unless you request otherwise. Content which you have contributed to tanks owned by other parties will remain.

Your data will be backed up regularly.

If there is a significant outage of service, you will receive a full explanation. While some outages are unavoidable, reasonable efforts will be made to avoid them where possible.


Posting content with the primary goal of directing traffic to outside sites, or increasing their search engine visibility, will be construed as spam and may result in account cancellation.

You must not abuse the site by knowingly posting malicious code, or links to malicious sites, that could harm other users.

You may not use the site to actively harass other users or third parties.

Peermore reserves the right to throttle or close accounts consuming an unreasonable proportion of site resources.