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docs TiddlyWiki Classic

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Tank can host TiddlyWiki Classic tiddlywikis using comps.

The Tiddlywiki file itself is the app component of the comp, your content is in the associated tank. Unlike other TiddlyWeb based Tiddlywiki systems, in Tank the Tiddlywiki is loaded and then uses a bootstrap.js file to load in the tiddler content. While this content is loading a Loading message is presented. After all content is loaded the page is refreshed and default tiddlers and titles are used.

This process means that the initial time to get a view on the Tiddlywiki is quite short, but the time it takes to be able to interact is dependent on the amount of content in the wiki.

Once the page is refreshed the Tiddlywiki behaves as you would expect with content automatically saving back to the tank with which the comp has been built. If that tank is private your content will be private.

Tank is set up so that Tiddlywiki content can also be viewed outside of Tiddlywiki in the regular tank view and in the Atom feeds. The content is rendered using twikifier.

For the time being the Tiddlywiki provided by the comp is a basic default. In the future it will be possible to compose comps themselves. This means that it will be possible to augment the default Tiddlywiki with themes and collections of plugins suitable for particular purposes.