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Tank has a websocket server that broadcasts messages about tiddlers in tanks which are publicly readable. This server is used to provide activity notifications on many pages and can also be used in comps and single page apps.

On common pages, the header now has two new icons: A straight mouth face and a clear bell.

When the clear bell turns white that means at least one new public tiddler was just created. Clicking on the bell will reveal a little dropdown listing up to five recent tiddlers. The title is a link to the tiddler. Clicking on it will visit the tiddler. Clicking elsewhere in the dropdown will close it.

When the face turns into a smile, a new tiddler has been created which is tagged @<yourusername>. This signals to you that someone has created a tiddler for which they'd like your attention. You can click on the face, open the dropdown and follow the link to see what they have to say.

When instructions wrap a word or phrase in < and >, replace the entire phrase, including < and > with the chosen value. For example @<my tank> would become @cdent.

The websocket interface can also be used in custom code to get notifications of tiddlers. Look at the following to see how the features described above work and adapt accordingly:

Looking at the source of any page, such as the frontpage, will reveal how the scripts are called and other requirements.