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Tank is an indexed store for your bits of stuff on the web, hypertexted for your pleasure. We call them tiddlers, keep them in tanks and work with them in compositions. Do with your tiddlers what you will: Make a wiki, keep your private or public notes, build single page applications, manage data over the API.

Please note, for the time being Tank is in an open beta, free for anyone to try. At some point in the future it will become a subscription service to ensure its continued support and maintenance. Stay in touch to learn more.

For Your Tiddlers

You already know that taking notes, making lists, keeping bookmarks and making links between things is a good idea. You just need the tools to get the job done.

We provide you with straightforward tools to create, maintain, share and publish or protect your content, building on the time-tested techniques of wikis paired with an innovative API.

See a list of current and planned features.