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docs TiddlyWiki Five

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Tank can host TiddlyWiki Five tiddlywikis using comps.

The Tiddlywiki file itself is the app component of the comp, your content is in the associated tank. TW5 has been designed from the outset to have good support for talking to TiddlyWeb based services.

After the app loads, TW5 then loads a list of the tiddlers in the comp, lazily loading the actual content on demand. On a timeout loop it checks for new content on the server and in the wiki, synchronizing as necessary in both directions.

TW5 itself is still in beta and the support for TiddlyWeb still has a few issues. For example loading default tiddlers does not yet work. These issues are receiving active attention.

For the time being TW5 content that is viewed on Tank outside of the Tiddlywiki will not be rendered to HTML. This will be fixed when a tw5 version of twikifier has been completed.