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docs Policy Manager

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The policy manager is available to logged in users to manage the policies on their tanks. It is used to add or remove users from the policies controlling who can read, write, create or delete tiddlers in the tank and who can manage those policies.

The policy manager is a dangerous tool. Used incorrectly it is possible to be locked out of a tank. Please make sure you have a full understanding of policies.

The current interface is experimental and will be improved based on feedback. Please contact us or leave an issue

The general principle is to click on a tank to view its settings. Clicking on the pencil icon will then reveal a form where values can be changed. In the policy constraints usernames are (for the time being) separated by commas. Clicking the X will cancel changes. Clicking the checkmark will save the changes.

You may also delete any tank from the list which has an associated trash can. This will delete the tank and all the tiddlers within.