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docs Using Wikis

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By default each tank can operate as a wiki. This comes from several capabilities:

  • pages are easy to create
  • simple markup is used to format content
  • hypertext links between pages are easy to make (either by using CamelCase or wrapping words in [[ and ]])
  • recently modified pages are viewable at the Changes link

On top of this Tank also provides functionality that extends or enhances wiki functionality:

  • flexible access control per tank
  • links between pages in different tanks (by appending @<tankname> to standard link syntax)
  • transclusion of content inter- and intra-tank
  • extraclusion
  • file drag and drop
  • content can be used in Single Page Apps
  • content can be manipulated using the API
  • comps which provide applications to use with the tiddler content

When instructions wrap a word or phrase in < and >, replace the entire phrase, including < and > with the chosen value. For example @<my tank> would become @cdent.

Comps are the mechanism through which TiddlyWiki (classic and five) functionality is provided.