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tiddlyweb tiddler

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A Tiddler is the fundamental piece of content in TiddlyWeb. You are reading a Tiddler right now. A Tiddler can contain human readable content, data, javascript code, raw HTML or pretty much anything else.

The tiddler concept was inherited from TiddlyWiki. In TiddlyWiki, tiddlers are limited to living in the one HTML file that makes up the TiddlyWiki. With TiddlyWeb, tiddlers have broader scope:

  • They have their own unique URL on the web, which gives them option of travelling around the internet to be used by multiple people in different tools and applications.
  • They can contain any content at all. If you can represent it with a MIME type and a byte stream, you can put it in a tiddler in TiddlyWeb.

A tiddler is a form of microcontent and as such is useful for building up larger things where each piece can be reused.