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tiddlyweb JSON tiddler

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The JSON form of a tiddler when a tiddler is {{{GET}}} or {{{PUT}}}. When getting a list of tiddlers a list of dictionaries is returned. When getting just one, a single dictionary is returned.

The form of the dictionary is quite variable, as a tiddler is really just a dictionary of key/value pairs, available at a known URL. The JSON serialization is that dictionary serialized.

When getting a tiddler as JSON you can expect at least the following:

{{{ { "text": "the text of the tiddler", "created": "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS", "modified": "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS", "modifier": "name of most recent editor", "tags": ["list","of","tags"], "fields": { "customfield": "arbitrary string", "lowercase": "..." }, "uri": "the absolute uri of the tiddler in its bag" } }}}

When putting a tiddler as JSON, all fields are optional.

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