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tiddlyweb Abstract Overview

20160313160620 cdent  

These notes are borrowed from @neumark's posting to google groups:

  • Tiddlyweb is a key-value store.
  • A bag is a namespace. Permissions are defined on bags and apply to all key-value pairs within.
  • A tiddler is a (Key, Value) pair, where the title of the tiddler is the key, and the remaining parts of the tiddler are the value part. Tiddler values have a set structure in order to ensure that metadata is stored in a uniform way (tags,fields,text).
  • Recipes can be used to query tiddlyweb for tiddlers. Recipes are composed of a list of (optionally filtered) bags. Upon executing the recipe, tiddlyweb returns their union. Several bags may contain a tiddler with the same title: In order to resolve this collision, the value associated with the given key in the last bag of the recipe will be used. This leads to "[[recipe cascading|recipe cascade]]", which is analogous to the way javascript prototypical inheritance works.

See also TiddlyWebFundament.