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tiddlyweb Customizing TiddlyWeb

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From the start TiddlyWeb has been designed to be lightweight and fairly low on features, but still flexible. To add additional functionality, TiddlyWeb is highly extensible on a variety of dimensions:

  • There are plugins that can add new URLs, new twanager commands and generally any new functionality you can think of.
  • You can add additional serializations or use a different store.
  • You can add to or replace the existing wikitext renderer (e.g. adding support for Markdown or Wikicreole).
  • You can extend the filter syntax.
  • You can build and use different challengers or credentials extractors.
  • You can modify, remove or extend the WSGI middleware applications used to transform the web requests and responses.
  • You can add validators to dynamically adjust incoming tiddlers.
  • You can hook actions on the store (get, put or delete of any single entity) with additional actions to do things like update indexes, clear caches, call web hooks or otherwise handle changes in the store.

TiddlyWeb Plugin Tutorial