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tiddlyweb instance

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An instance is a single collection of TiddlyWeb data, the store, with a (potentially empty) configuration. There can be any number of instances on any machine.

In most cases an instance is manifest in the filesystem as a directory containing the store, and any custom plugins used in the instance.

Instances are created in two ways:

  • You intentionally create a new instance with an instancer tool, such as twinstance from TiddlyWebWiki. See Create an Instance for an example.
  • TiddlyWeb automatically creates an instance for you because you have run a command requiring one:
    • Calling twanager server will start a server on the default port of 8080. The current directory becomes an instance if it is not already.
    • Running any twanager command which uses the store (e.g. adduser, bag) will cause the current directory to become an instance if it is not already.