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tiddlyweb Using CherryPy

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TiddlyWeb is distributed with a copy of a multi-threaded, pure-Python, WSGI compliant web server from the CherryPy project. It is small, light, and generally fast enough for up to medium use. It requires no additional installation and configuration beyond Installing TiddlyWeb.

Once an instance has been created, you can mount that instance in cherrypy quite simply:

  • cd to the instance directory
  • run twanager server

By default this will start a server running at If you need to use a different host or port (//if you want to access the server remotely you will//) you need to set server_host in

On some operating systems, such as Windows when using Cygwin, will not work and you will need to use instead, which you can achieve by running {{{twanager server 8080}}}.

The cherrypy server is part of what enables Quick Start.