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tiddlyweb Using Mod WSGI

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If you wish to run TiddlyWeb with Apache it is best mounted with the mod_wsgi module. To do so:

  1. Install mod_wsgi for your apache server if it not already there. Instructions on how to do this are out of scope for TiddlyWeb. See for more information.
  2. Get and put it in your instance directory. That file includes information in the comments on how to modify your apache configuration and your

Common Problems

  • Make sure any files paths you create or edit in the apache config are correct.
  • Make sure you have set server_prefix and server_host correctly in
  • If you wish to use the http_basic extractor with mod_wsgi you must configure WSGIPassAuthorization On in your apache config where you have configured other WSGI settings.

TiddlySpace used to run on mod wsgi but now is Using nginx and uwsgi.