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tiddlyweb plugin

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TiddlyWeb can use plugins to extend the functionality of the system. Plugins can add functionality to the web server, to twanager or both.

A plugin can be distributed for use with other TiddlyWeb installations. For a list of mature plugins, see PyPi.

Plugins are included in a TiddlyWeb instance by editing to add system_plugins and/or twanager_plugins.

There is Python package called tiddlywebplugins.utils that includes useful functions for creating plugins.

There is a github repository called pluginmaker that provides boiler plate for creating a new plugin from scratch.

A tiddlywebplugins namespace has been reserved for those plugins which have reached a level of stability where it makes sense for them to be distributed from PyPI.

The best way to learn how to create plugins is to look at existing examples.

See also Customizing TiddlyWeb and TiddlyWeb Plugin Tutorial.