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I made a nice formal-ish bio for myself in the @Collaboration space, so that's below.

Most of what I'm writing in tank these days is in @os-scratch.


An author, of this tank and of Tank itself.

I have a long standing interest in collaboration, especially in the information tools which can be used to enhance collaboration and the collaboration that is often used in the creation of those tools. I've been actively building tools in that space since the early 90s when arriving at university gave me access to the internet.

I coined the phrase "Be Less Dumb" in response to the question "why collaborate?". Or to put it another way: If your working situation is making you more dumb, then you can be sure you're not collaborating.

I'm especially proud of my paper The Computer as Tool: From Interaction To Augmentation which proposes a tool and augmentation rather than interaction and automation approach to information processing for humans. Since achieving collaboration is largely a matter of successful information processing, by humans, I view the approach as a fundamental.