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cdent feedback on feedback

20140415151308 cdent  

Twinned with feedback on feedback:

  1. Good suggestion on tags adjustments. new issue.
  2. Using the term tiddlers really comes down to habit and not wanting to use the terms "page" or "entry".
  3. It may not be enough to create another wiki as a final goal but it may be enough as a starting point. Especially since, from my perspective, most wikis completely miss the point of what a wiki is supposed to accomplish. They augment an individual's ability to organize knowledge in fairly specific ways (link as you think, recent changes, backlinks, named unknows). That individual may be par t of a group or not. No software can organize knowledge, it can only organize information. Accepting that is a first step to being able to create useful info software. Tank's name is based on those ideas.
  4. It is true that the tw5 app loads content from a tank after it starts, but in order for it to know where to load that content from the association between the tw5 tank and the user's tank must be made by way of composition.

(Thanks very much for providing feedback, is great to have continuing conversations about this stuff.)