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In late 2006 I took a trip with my friend Sean to Antarctica. I'm using this space to write about the trip. Feel free to leave comments. I'll backpost some blog entries and then fill in the blanks as time allows. I'd like to go again, so maybe I'll plan the next trip from here.

For our trip we went by sea across the Drake Passage on the Professor Multanovskiy to the Antarctic Peninsula. The trip was run by Quark Expeditions. We were scheduled to leave Seattle on December 15th, 2006, travel to Buenos Aires, have a night there, then on to Ushuaia, have a night there, and then catch the Multanovskiy.

The trip was fantastic, there are many pictures and memories to gather and share.

Trip Journal

I tried to keep a journal during the trip but that did not work out at all. We were often too tired or too busy to keep up with things like writing. I was able to keep some small notes here and there. What's linked below is a mostly present tense narration of events written 15 to 30 days after the fact. Many of the pages make links to other pages that do not yet exist. I plan to fill things in over time. I would enjoy your comments.

Trip Photos

I took a very large number of photos. I picked out a small percentage of them and posted them to Flickr. The antarctica tag has them all. If you want to get a better sense of the flow of time, viewing the pictures in sets may be better:

There's a highlight reel as well, if you just want to see a few.