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tweb-filters Filters by Example

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This tiddler provides examples of filters with live links to the results. See select, sort and limit for details on what's going on.

Recent Changes

Ten most recently modified tiddlers in this tank's bag:;limit=10


Tiddlers in this tank tagged glossary which include the text wikitext:;select=text:wikitext

N.B: On systems like TiddlySpace where there is a system wide index, such a query is likely to be more efficient as a search but the results will be slightly different.

In Recipes

Filters were originally designed for use in recipe. Using them with URIs (as above) was a quickly obvious second use. Their goal in recipes is to allow customizable selection of content from multiple places to create a useful aggregate.

Here's a hypothetical recipe which gathers up content from various places:

  • /bags/system/tiddlers
    • The default plugins etc that make TiddlyWeb go, no filter required
  • /bags/prettytheme/tiddlers
    • select=title:!ColorPalette
    • tiddlers for a theme, minus the ColorPalette, so the default is used
  • /bags/blog/tiddlers
    • select=tag:published
    • tiddlers tagged published from the blog bag
  • /bags/tweets/tiddlers
    • sort=-modified;limit=10
    • ten most recently modified tiddlers from the tweets bag
  • /bags/mycustomizations/tiddlers
    • some local customizations that come last to make sure they clobber other things