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tiddlyweb interact

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interact is a command added to twanager with the 1.3.0 release of TiddlyWeb. When run, as twanager interact, a Python shell is started with basic TiddlyWeb code loaded. This allows access to the local store and exploration of the Python API.

If your Python includes support for the readline library, then history handling and tab completion is available.

Local variables include:

  • store
  • A reference to the current store object.
  • Bag, Recipe, Tiddler, Policy, User
  • The classes of the main entities.
  • Serializer
  • The serializer class, making it possible to create a serializer (see example below).
  • config
  • The config dictionary.
  • environ
  • The current WSGI environ (mostly empty since there is no web request)
  • control
  • A reference to the tiddlyweb.control module.
  • web
  • A reference to the tiddlyweb.web.util module.
  • util
  • A reference to the tiddlyweb.util module.

The module references allow access to utility methods.

Some examples follow.

Create a Tiddler and serialize it to JSON:

>>> sj = Serializer('json', environ)
>>> x = Tiddler('foobar', 'cow')
>>> x.text = 'hello'
>>> x.tags = ['foo', 'cow']
>>> sj.object = x
>>> '%s' % sj
'{"created": "", "fields": {}, "creator": null, "recipe": null,
"modified": "20121210232622",
"uri": "",
"bag": "cow", "text": "hello", "title": "foobar", "permissions": [],
"modifier": null, "type": null, "tags": ["foo", "cow"], "revision": 0}'

List all the bags in the store:

>>> bags = store.list_bags()
>>> for bag in bags:
...     print