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tiddlyweb I'm running a TiddlyWeb with lots of users and bags. How do I manage access control?

20160313160633 cdent  

To work with lots of users and bags in TiddlyWeb you need to understand bags, policies, users and user roles.

The fundamental concern in this situation is creating a structure that is easy to understand and easy to maintain. While the first thought might be to create bag policies that list lots of users, this is not ideal. Adding a username in potentially many policies is cumbersome, prone to error and the policy files may become large enough that they are expensive to process.

A better solution is to use roles. Role names are put in policy statements. When users are created, they are given the required roles. In the future when a user's level of access changes, they simply need to have their roles changed or their account deleted: there's no need to go digging around in policies.

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