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tiddlyweb HTTP API

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The TiddlyWeb HTTP API provides access to resources hosted by the TiddlyWeb store. The API strives to adhere to the principles of REST where possible and pragmatic: using reasonable caching headers; only using the default HTTP verbs; providing multiple representations through pseudo-[[content negotiation]]; presenting resources as nouns, not verbs.

The HTTP API works through a collection of default ~URLs defined by a The map can be modified or extended with plugins or entirely replaced via The HTTP API is found at a URL base defined by server_prefix, which defaults to the empty string; therefore, for root below the full URL would be /. If server_prefix were set to /wiki then bags would be /wiki/bags.

Note that in TiddlyWeb there are no resources that end with / (except for / itself).

The HTTP API provides access to resources hosted by TiddlyWeb. The resources are listed below, follow the links for descriptions, ~URLs, available representations and other information:


There are also URLs associated with the challenger system, but these are not directly a part of the HTTP API (nor are they standard).

Each resource supports set of default representations, plus any additional representations provided by serializers installed via plugins.