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tiddlyweb Environment

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TiddlyWeb is a Python-based web service, architected as a WSGI application.

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To get all the benefits of TiddlyWeb, therefore, it is important to have a suitable environment that supports WSGI.

TiddlyWeb is developed primarily on OS X and Linux systems, targeting Python versions 2.7 and 3.3. In its default installation it uses only a small number of additional Python packages to run. However, to make use of the large number of plugins that are available it is important to have an environment where it is easy to install lots of different Python packages.

Most TiddlyWeb plugins still only support Python 2 while the core code supports both 2 and 3.

On Unix-like systems that means:

  • Python development tools and a C compiler On Debian-based systems this means the {{{python-dev}}} package. On Fedora-based systems this means the {{{python-devel}}} rpm. ** On OSX the Xcode suite includes the necessary parts.

On systems without a compiler (e.g. Windows), most packages will still install, but without "speedups" (C-based modules which accelarate functionality in Python packages).