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It would be used to have such a tool, but unfortunately there are some problems. The vast majority of content in TiddlySpace is designed for use in TiddlyWiki the way it used on TiddlySpace and with the public/private model that is present there. This raises questions of where does content go. A space is a public recipe and private recipe, comprising many bags, in a virtual domain.

However, there is a significant body of content on TiddlySpace which can be identified as being in a particular bag and thus could be migrated to a tank and then used in some form. This would be particularly useful for me to transport all my various writings from TS to here.

Someone who would like to do a migration needs to know or have two things:

  • a list of bags that they can read from
  • a list of bags that they want to read from

Since these are not the same some process needs to happen which takes list one to make list two. The simplest form is:

  • GET the list as text
  • edit the list to desired and feed it to the next stage

private == private, public == protected

Q Does there need to be a way to map a bag name to a tank name? Is a same to same mapping okay? Is bulk the way to go or maybe the problem is made much more simple by having a command line.

A completely different approach is to make an app on TS. You include it in a space, give target tank names for public and private (can be the same), check if you want both, check if you want revisions, provide an API key, the browser does the rest. It already has TS auth. However, tank would need CORS support or there would need to be some fancy iframe handling.