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20140226181442 cdent  

I've add a policy manager tool for tank. It uses angular as the template first orientation works quite well for me.

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As I've been working on it I've realized that beyond being just a policy manager (a place where you can adjust the policies on the tank, adding and removing users as needed) it could also be a place where bulk actions on the tiddlers in a tank could be performed.

Is aggregating this sort of functionality in one single administrative page correct or would it be better to separate it out: different tools for different jobs?

This isn't simply a matter of taste: At the moment the policymgr will only load those bags on which the current user passes the manage constraint. That is, they can adjust the policy on the listed bags. However, bulk changes on tiddlers are changed by other constraints, write and delete, so a different list of bags would need to be loaded.


It turns out while developing it that combining the two different activities in one interface, while possible, would require more smarts than I am initially willing to put in one page. The main issue is getting the right list of bags, in other words determining the intersection of bags that the current user can do a variety of things on, and then augmenting that list with appropriate links to the appropriate actions (manage policy, delete tiddlers, bulk edit tiddlers).