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os-scratch 2016MirantisGoals

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See LongTermObjectives for a list of ideas about longer term goals that were set back in March or so. The goals here are more in terms of reflecting what has actually happened to give an overview on effective progress throughout the year.

  • resource classes
  • resource provider objects
  • placement API to manipulate those objects
    • new "framework" for separate placement service
    • create resource providers
    • manage inventories
    • view usages
    • use of gabbi for tests
  • maintenance of gabbi (13 minor releases since end of 2015)
  • modern microversions (OpenStack-API-Version: compute 2.31)
  • microversion-parse project
  • changing nova to use modern microversions
  • continued involvement in API-WG
  • ran for TC, didn't completely fail

Still to come:

  • Ride the placement API into merging in newton
  • write allocations from resource tracker
  • Further placement work in ocata (nova-scheduler talks to placement api)
    • select destinations in the api
      • reduce set of requirements to subset of hosts for further winnowing elsewhere
    • make claims to /allocations
  • Help with evaluation of ironic v2 api


  • More gabbi in nova
  • gabbi in other projects
  • More bug fixing and other explore-nova related behaviors
  • Test review/audit/refactor
  • Re-energize the API-WG
  • Push placement extraction to own repo/project
  • Push other nova decomposition
    • With an end goal of making some parts of nova small enough to be stable
  • Same go, mesos^wkubernetes, distributed systems stuff from LongTermObjectives
  • continue pushing on the governance agenda

  • this also needs some explicit entries about mentoring and being senior