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In index @CDWS asks about trying to make some simple Atom feeds for a screensaver.

Basically, any of the tiddlers in tank can be accessed as an Atom feed. Either individual tiddlers, all the tiddlers in a tank, or the result of a search. This is because the tiddlers are accessible over the API and one of the available representations is Atom.

The atom representation of this tiddler will be

The most straightforward way to use Tank to create reminders and then for those reminders to show up in a screen saver is to create a single tank, let's call it "reminders", then to subscribe to the Atom feed of the tiddlers in that tank and then, as needed, create tiddlers in the tank with the desired content.

The Atom URL for a tank named "reminders" would be:

By default the tiddlers in a tank use markdown. If you wanted to remind someone to eat their veggies you could create a tiddler called "Veggies" and put the following text in it:

**Please** don't forget to eat your veggies!

in the Atom feed that would look like this:

Please don't forget to eat your veggies!