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20140916202540 cdent  


Notes on benchmarking (with Rally) the performance of creating and querying samples against the mysql datastore.


The general idea is:

  • to install two different devstacks (one stable/icehouse the other master (and thus Juno))
  • detune each devstack to run the minimum required set of services
  • configure ceilometer-api to run under mod_wsgi (to allow concurrent requests)
  • run a RallySampleScenario against the devstack


  • Rally's use of the database can flake out when dealing with large result sets.
  • Setting up Icehouse is a good deal more complex than Juno
  • Volume of data is still too low for realistic measurements.
  • Do Juno first as it puts some useful artifacts it place.

Make Sure

  • The database is dropped between test runs.
  • ceilometer-api port is not blocked by apache when starting up icehouse


  • Clone devstack, switch to branch ... <- fill in
  • Make a reasonable JunoLocalConf (which includes rally and sets ceilometer-api to use mod_wsgi)
  • ./
  • Kill extraneous services
  • Confirm rally: rally deployment check
  • Confirm ceilometer: ceilomter sample-list -m image
  • Use the sample scenario rally task start ./scenario.json
  • Record results


  • Clone the stable/icehouse branch of devstack.
  • Make a reasonable IcehouseLocalConf
  • Make sure there's no localrc (which would override local.conf)
  • ./
  • Configure Rally for existing installation
  • Kill extraneous services (including ceilometer-api, but leaving keystone)
  • Re-enable ceilometer under mod_wsgi (details to follow)
  • Restart apache.
  • Confirm samples with ceilomter sample-list -m image or similar
  • Use the sample scenario rally task start ./scenario.json
  • Record results