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It is absolutely key to understand how to transclude: , By this I mean:

Tiddlers can use transclusion. This means that one tiddler sucks in and presents the content of another tiddler within itself. The basic syntax for markdown tiddlers is, on a line by itself:

{{tiddler title}}

As with WikiLinks, an @<name of tank> can be appended (outside the }}) to transclude from a different tank. If the current user cannot read from the other tank the transclusion will not happen. If the tank name contains spaces surround the name with [[ and ]].

When instructions wrap a word or phrase in < and >, replace the entire phrase, including < and > with the chosen value. For example @<my tank> would become @cdent.

Transclusion is also possible in TiddlyWiki text, using macros.

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