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Collaboration Transclusion as the Mediator of Collaboration

20150208222129 cdent  

Some notes for what ought to be an essay about using transclusion as the organizing lynchpin in a collaborative team and workspace.

This is based on the experience of the PurpleUniverse when working on the KnowledgeBase.


  • PurpleNumbers on wiki, email archive, irc logs all fed by the same sequence.
  • Transclusion in wiki and irc from wiki, email archives and irc logs1
  • Social pressure: If you can't transclude it, it didn't happen or won't happen.
  • Hypertextual granularity drove tasks and document granularity drove use and reuse.
  • With experience, writing for the sake of transclusion become habitual.


  • Commits as members of purple sequence.
  • Task lists as members of purple sequence.
  • Deaf team member concept.

  1. Experimented with post composition transclusion filters for email (transclude into a message being composed).